Junior handlers/owners enter our trials FREE!

Hide 'n Seek Games 

1.  Four Corners

2.  Traditional Hunt

3.  Here, There, & Everywhere

4.  Maze Craze

5.  Hay Stack

6.  Chutes & Ladder

This sport is open to any dog and you may be very surprised at how well your dog uses his nose. 

Practices are held on Saturday afternoon/evenings.  Please ask to join the Facebook Group Arkansas Rat Hunters to get the latest information about upcoming practices and trials.


"We had a wonderful experience today at the Hide and Seek trial.  Titles were earned, new friendships made, rats and hot dogs were sniffed out"  Candee Teitel

Dogs are taught to search for rats, anise or even HOT DOGS in these fast-paced, scent games.  You choose what to hunt and you'll learn to understand a bit about how your dog's nose works and how he finds things with it.  

Feel free to participate just for fun and confidence building or enter local trials.  Your dog can earn several titles and win lots of ribbons!


​February 27&28 2021