Barn Hunt Classes

Barn Hunt is broken down into classes depending on the dogs abilities. The classes are:

  1. Instinct
  2. Novice
  3. Open
  4. Senior
  5. Master

Conway Canine Companions is the only Dog Club in Arkansas that is certified with the BHA to host trials. Classes are given in "clinic" format, so they meet for one hour, once a week, for four weeks. Classes are enrolling now, so please don't hesitate to call us and get signed up! If you're interested, but don't know if your dog would be, please give us a call! We can offer an evaluation to see if your dog would be a good fit for this sport.

Barn Hunt : Instinct Class

    Instinct is where every dog begins. We offer three tubes to your dog, one that holds a live rat, one that holds rat litter, and one that is completely empty! The goal is for your dog to sniff out the live rat! Some dogs take to this very easily and others require a little encouragement. Pamela oversees the Barn Hunt clinics and teaches you how your dog alerts on a certain tube, how to help them hunt, how to handle your dog in the Barn Hunt ring, and so much more! Terrier breeds and hounds do very well in this sport, but our German Shepherds would amaze you! Pamela has titled all of her dogs in Barn Hunt. This sport is open to any dog and you may be very surprised how well your dog finds that rat!

Dog Training Classes