What is Rally Obedience?

Teach your dog more obedience behaviors with these fun signs. You may even end up wanting to compete although that is not a requirement for taking this class.  You are allowed to talk to your dog during this style of obedience.  You may give your dog hand signals and/or voice commands and praise your dog, too. We teach the American Kennel Club and and the United Kennel Club skills and all three levels (novice, advanced, and excellent).

 Rally Obedience

"My Dog doesn't have much training? May I start with Rally?"

If your dog doesn't have basic obedience (sit, down, stay, etc) we recommend that you take our Beginner course first! Our Beginner course focuses on your basic obedience skills. If you feel like your dog would be interested and you have your basic obedience completed, please contact us for an evaluation to see if you're ready to start Rally!