During the aftermath of the tornadoes that struck Mayflower and Vilonia, Landry and Lucy Star went to offer some comfort. Victims of the tornado wrapped their arms around Landry and it comforted them. They smiled while the dogs did tricks to amuse them. If just for a minute, they forgot what was going on around them, because they had the dog to focus on. They trotted around, happy to give tail wags, licks, and hugs to anyone that was interested. As difficult as it was to see people in so much pain, Landry and Lucy Star knew they made a difference. Every therapy dog makes a difference. Do you believe your dog has what it takes to be there for people when they need it most? If so, please contact us today to start you on your TDI journey.

Therapy Dogs

I want my dog to go to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc. This is something we hear very often and we want to help you obtain this goal! Pamela Padgett is the only Therapy Dogs International Evaluator in Arkansas. We offer clinics that meet for one hour a week for six weeks to prepare you to take the TDI evaluation. Temperament is extremely important when selecting a dog for service work. For instance, an overly rambunctious dog may not be the best fit. A very timid dog may not be the best fit either. If you are interested in TDI please don't hesitate to give us a call. Please keep in mind that a Therapy Dog is not the same thing as a Service Dog. You should set up your visit with a facility before you and your therapy dog visit. Being part of a Therapy Dog team can be a very rewarding experience and we encourage anyone who is interested to give it a try!