Seminar information:   Dogs will learn enough tricks to complete their Novice Title and quite possibly their Intermediate. If you have a Certified Therapy Dog, these tricks can add a few laughs and smiles to your visits!
‚ÄčThe class will be held at Grace United Methodist Church (click here for directions) from 9am to Noon. The cost is $40. A clicker and treat bag are required. If needed, you can purchase those for an additional $10 equipment fee. 

Trick Dog Class Format

    Trick dog is given in "clinic" format. We meet for one hour once a week for four weeks. Our courses are separated into several levels that learn over twenty tricks in only four weeks! Pamela is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and she loves the energy of these courses! If you're interested in doing more with your dog please give us a call today!

Trick Dog Seminar - September 23, 2017