Would my dog be a good fit?

   Trick Dog is a fun and upbeat course! It is offered to any dog that is willing to give it a try. It's perfect for dogs that are interested in Therapy work, because tricks make for wonderful entertainment. We all love to show off to our friends and see how amazed they are with our dog's abilities! Trick Dog will leave you stunned when you see just what your dog is capable of. If you're looking for a fun way to bond with your dog we suggest that you contact us and give this course a try!

Trick Dog Class Format

    Trick dog is given in "clinic" format. We meet for one hour once a week for four weeks. Our courses are separated into several levels that learn over twenty tricks in only four weeks! Pamela is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and she loves the energy of these courses! If you're interested in doing more with your dog please give us a call today!