"My dog is older, do you think he would still be interested?" Contrary to popular belief, you can always teach an old dog new tricks! If your dog is in good health, we would love to have them take our course. Puppies are still growing, so we don't allow them to jump or weave until they are over a year old. Agility is offered from beginner-advanced levels, so please contact us today for more information!

"I would love to take an agility class, but I'm not interested in competing. Will I still be able to take the class?" Yes! Agility is a fun experience for you and your dog. It's offered to every dog, regardless of their breed or your desire to compete.

UKC Agility

Does your dog need confidence?  Agility has been shown to increase a dog's level of confidence as they learn to successfully navigate the obstacles.  Your dog will learn to walk across a sway platform, a dog walk, and an A-frame.  He will soon be racing through tunnels and chutes.  He will also learn to teeter-totter, weave through 6 and 9 poles, and much more.