What do I need to bring to class with me?

  • A collar or harness.
  • A leash.
  • Treats (a lot of treats!)
  • A hungry puppy! If you're taking an evening class, we recommend that you wait to feed them dinner until after class. A hungry puppy is much more motivated to work!

"Great Classes and works with each one at the pace of that person. I highly recommend them." -Patti Heath

My dog is a Goofball! Will he pay attention?

     Don't worry! A lot of our dogs are very excited to see play mates and it may be a little difficult to hold their undivided attention at first. We have a lot of tips and tricks for this. We always advise you to bring their favorite treats! Something they just can't live without. The more amazing the treat, the more focused your puppy will be.

My puppy is so shy, can we still learn?

        Absolutely! Some of our dogs are overwhelmed when they enter our building. There are so many new people, dogs, and smells. Our trainers know how to handle these situations and we can help work you through it. It's important to give your puppy time to adjust, so try not to expect perfection on our first session. Most of our "shy" cases warm up quickly and you'll be amazed how well your dog opens up to training. We cover socialization in our courses and that helps immensely with our nervous puppies.