The first official NACSW™ trial was held in January of 2009, in Southern California, and since then there have been over 135 trials in 17 states. NACSW™ K9 Nose Work® trials have earned a reputation for being an exciting, supportive venue to compete with your dog. Trials are all day events and require a large number of volunteers - typically NACSW™ members and competitors - to deliver the NACSW™ K9 Nose Work® trial experience.

Let’s put your dogs nose to the test in Barn Hunt! This is an instinct driven sport that usually requires very little training. It’s offered to every dog! We are a BHA certified club that offers trials and clinics. Does your dog love to chase the neighborhood squirrels? If so, let’s see if they can sniff out the rat hidden amongst the hay. Our rats are placed in specially designed tubing and we assure you that no rats are harmed in the making of this sport!

“I want to take my dog to hospitals, nursing homes, and schools!” We hear this a lot and we want to make that happen for you! Temperament is extremely important when pursuing Therapy Dog certification. We offer evaluations, to see if your dog would be a good fit. A clinic is offered to prepare your dog to test for TDI, we also offer TDI testing. Let’s see if Therapy Dog is right for you!

K9 Nose Work

Do more with your dog! We all love to see a dog shake hands, roll over, and play dead! How would you feel if your dog could do this and so much more? There are several levels that cover a wide range of useful and adorable tricks. These classes are offered to every dog and we assure you that you’ll be amazed what your dog is capable of.

Therapy Dog Clinics

Trick Dog Classes

Barn Hunt

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